How We Can Help


Our Business serves music teachers, expert companies, schools, conservatories, universities, music libraries, and churches throughout the world. Our service is extremely related to, for, with an extensive and substantial stock and with expert artists of high quality to administer it, we have the ability to research study and supply hard-to-find titles as well as products which might not remain in print. We have made our credibility based on musical understanding and for our reputable, quick, and friendly service.

Our daily stock increases frequently inning accordance with continuing and well-proven need; it is picked from brochures of some four hundred music publishers throughout the world. In addition, we are the unique supplier for Anglo-American Music Publishers, which holds copyrights of works by numerous highly-respected British authors, previous and present.

We are scrupulous in sticking to existing rates as set by private publishers: however, with such a varied, classified stock picked from some four hundred publishers throughout the world, and with publisher rates being "subject to change", not to mention everyday volatility in currency exchange rates for various nations, we merely cannot estimate for private products beforehand for titles. We motivate you to confirm rates from publisher brochures and sites.